Santachi Ascension for Miles!

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Summary : On September 17, 2019, the "Don’t Forget Why We Started and Move Forward Bravely, 2019 Huawei Intelligent Computing Partner Conference " was held by Huawei.

On September 17, 2019, the "Don’t Forget Why We Started and Move Forward Bravely, 2019 Huawei Intelligent Computing Partner Conference " was held by Huawei. The conference aimed to jointly promote the development of industrial ecology, share new achievements in computing power with on-site audiences, and award honorary certification to partners. With its strength and technological innovation, Santachi applied AI technology to the power industry to achieve another important milestone-won the "Smart Computing Ascension Miles Award".


It is reported that the award is Huawei"s award for the outstanding performance of AI ecological partners. It is also a high recognition of the in-depth cooperation between the two parties of enterprise. In May of this year, Santachi has become a Huawei solution partner. In August, it completed the interoperability and interconnection testing of the transmission line intelligent video online detection device V7 and Huawei"s artificial intelligence computing platform Atlas 200. Based on their respective technical and market advantages, the two sides seized the opportunity for change, and worked together to promote the intelligent development of the power sector.


Based on the in-depth exploration of users in the power industry, Santachi"s products continue to meet users" inspection requirements from many aspects such as appearance design and functional upgrade. Recently, the effect of real-time visual analysis and processing is achieved by the addition of AI technology to Santachi equipment, through edge computing, combined with its own high-definition video technology, providing a strong technical support for the intelligent inspection of power systems.


Undeniably, the video images have become an important source of information for the Internet of Things, and the construction of the Ubiquitous Power IoT will also be inseparable from the application of intelligent identification of video images, and the Santachi is accumulating energy for action;

Exactly because of keep moving on, great progress has been made every day. Santachi is committed to promoting the construction of smart grids, taking video technology as its core, incorporating new technologies such as "Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Mobile Internet, Big Data, Smart City" to create more excellent products of the era.