Lane license plate recognition camera

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License plate recognition all-in-one camera

3 million HD videos

99.1% license plate recognition rate

Snapshot of human face of the driver and passenger

Mode capture of rear of a vehicle

Intelligent glare suppression function

Support new energy license plate recognition

Dual Gigabit physical isolation network ports

Dynamic character overlay

Charged software protocol docking

Function and Product Features of number plate Recognition all-in-one camera

Industry certification and testing

National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Traffic Safety Facility "JT / T604-2011 Auto Number Plate Video Automatic Identification System"

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Network Interface Isolation Security Test, Vulnerability Scanning and Port Scanning Test

JT / T604-2011 Auto Number Plate Video Automatic Recognition System of the Ministry of Transport

Shandong Cvicse Tolling Software --- Certificate of successful dock of number plate recognition and tolling software

Jiangxi Nankang-Dayu Expressway --- Certificate of successful docking of number plate recognition and toll system

Yunnan Traffic Engineering Quality Inspection Center --- number plate recognition camera detection

Jiangxi Nankang-Dayu Expressway --- Number plate Recognition Test Report

Hubei Huangshi-Huangmei Expressway --- number plate Recognition Test Report

Anhui Wantong Technology --- lane camera test report

CSPSH "ONVIF Profile S" Commissioned Inspection

Intelligent Transportation Institute of Guangxi Jiaotong Academy of Sciences ---number plate recognition test report

Hubei Huangshi-Huangmei Expressway --- Certificate of License Plate Recognition Docking Receiving Fee Software Success


……At present, it has successfully connected to nearly 30 toll collectors in more than 20 provinces across the country.

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