Toll Station Congestion Detection System

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Congestion detection system architecture

Special feature:

◎ Congestion detection: five-level congestion detection based on in-depth learning algorithms;

◎ Real-time traffic conditions: real-time traffic conditions display and video viewing based on (offline) GIS maps;

◎ WeChat push: It can check road conditions, receive congestion alarm pictures, etc. by expanding WeChat based on corporate public account;

◎ Statistical analysis: Multi-dimensional statistics of historical congestion conditions can be made to facilitate subsequent prediction of traffic condition;

◎ Alarm linkage: The client side and video wall can be linked to display alarm video;

◎ Transmission mode: Supports Ethernet wired transmission and wireless transmission of three Netcom 4G;

Vehicle detection based on in-depth learning algorithms

Introduction of congestion detection system function

Product introduction of congestion detection system—comprehensive monitoring platform of Expressway

The real-time congestion status (the more obvious the Heat Map Display is, the more serious the congestion status will be) can be watched through the Baidu map in the software;

Note: The scale below can also show the congestion situation at each device