Civilization Service Evaluation System

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Civilized service evaluation system-brief introduction of highlights

Special feature:

Intelligent recognition: recognition of face, smiling service, turn around service, civilized gestures, civilized words

Real-time feedback: display the terminal"s real-time feedback of service results and adjust service quality in a timely manner

Statistical reports: The platform provides intelligent statistical reports and audit evaluation functions

Civilized Service Evaluation System-Equipment Connection Diagram

System function-intelligent identification function

System functions—real-time feedback

The civilized service display terminal is installed in the toll booth and feedbacks the evaluation results of each toll collector in each service process in real time, which can prompt the toll collector to improve the service level in a timely and targeted manner.

Interface of display terminal

The civilized service display terminal can initiate a shift change application, evaluate the results and suggestions for improvement in real time with a graphical interface and voice prompts.

System Function—Statistical Report