Santachi has sustainable research and development capabilities, adhering to IT-based process management, and has passed the international CMMI system certification, and has cultivated an excellent research and development team, including industrial design, video technology, algorithms, embedded system software and hardware, system platform software, and other teams. Over 50% of the team members have degrees of graduate student, making Santachi"s video image processing, artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms, cloud storage and other technologies in the industry leading position. The company"s image video optical laboratory and video big data are Shenzhen key laboratories, which have a high level in the industry. Based on the in-depth excavation of customer needs in the power industry, Santachi transmission line image and video devices innovatively proposed features such as a single-machine dual-channel design, intelligent line inspection of the transmission line, Ball Attack 3D with one-click focus, intelligent scene recognition, and intelligent AE / AF. The application of these new technologies has greatly improved product use efficiency and user experience.

At present, more than twenty products and technologies of the Company have obtained national patents and more than ten computer copyright certificates. They have successively won the "Shenzhen Independent Innovation Product Certification", "Shenzhen Science and Technology Progress Award", "National High-tech Enterprise", Shenzhen Software companies "," Shenzhen Well-known Brands "and other honors, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification.

In the fields of State Grid and China Southern Power Grid, Santachi"s equipment supply share ranks Top 3 in the country. Santachi will continue to give play to professionalism and industrialization, deeply explore market demand in segmented industries with video and artificial intelligence technology as its core, and continue to create value for industry customers.