Company patent


Patent certificate of enterprise invention

Coordinated tracking and monitoring method for gun machine and ball machine

Image enhancement method



3G network-based adaptive adjustment method for mobile video surveillance streaming media transmission

Application algorithm of GPS map positioning based on predictive coding correction mode


Multi-network environment video monitoring streaming media distribution routing positioning method

Zoom tracking method and device


Automatic exposure method and system based on histogram

Autofocus method of video camera


Method and device for upgrading embedded equipment system

Magnification change fast automatic focusing method and system of camera

Practical Invention Patent Certificate

360-degree real-time surveillance camera without blind areas

Spherical surveillance camera with passive memory



Control keyboard with video display

Infrared switch control circuit


Touch-monitorable integrated multimedia display terminal for monitoring

Network surveillance camera with expandable audio and video input



Micro adjustment PTZ of Camera

Design Patent of Appearance

Camera (three generation dome)

Camera (sun shade)



Industrial Camera

Camera (Corridor Hemisphere)



Camera (elevator hemisphere)

Infrared network camera (with adjustable focal length of PTZ)



Infrared network camera (focal length adjustable)

Camera (High Speed Dome)

Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate

Transmission line online monitoring system V5.3

Santachi 750 intelligent networking matrix software (abbreviation: 750 matrix software) V5. 2

Santachi E-NVS system software V 5. 3.5.8

Santachi NVR system software V1. 0.9


Santachi S-NVS video surveillance system (Abbreviation: video surveillance system V1. O)

Santachi Vehicle-mounted DVR Software V1. 0.0.6


Santachi individual equipment software V1. 0.6

Santachi high speed dome camera software V1.23


Santachi Embedded Matrix Software V1. 3

Santachi camera software (Abbreviation: camera software) V1. 1.5